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My name is Dr. Shuo Qiu and I am excited to be your personal psychiatrist. I am a firm believer that we can improve our health in any stage of our lives, no matter what our circumstances may be. I am going to be your healer, teacher and most importantly your advocate. Together we will begin a journey that will change the way you think, feel and understand mental illness, all of which eventuate a fulfilling and joyful life. Please take a moment to look around my website and contact me if you would like to begin your healing process with me.


Undergraduate: Dickinson College with B.S Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Medical School: University of Virginia

Residency: Virginia-Tech Carilion School of Medicine

My Story

I am an Asian American psychiatrist. I grew up challenging the norm that mental illness should not be talked about, that vulnerable emotions are to be buried and stowed away. I've watched how mental illnesses stifled brilliant potentials, but I also witnessed incredible progress one can achieve with dedication and the right guidance.  

What is it that I do differently and why should you pick me as your psychiatrist? One word, patient-centered care. Often my patients tell me frustrations with getting hold of their physicians, constraints in appointment durations, or limitations in treatment options. In my practice, you are the center of my attention, not the insurance company, hospital administrators, or the CEO. As a result, we will be able to form an alliance without any distractors. We will be able to tackle any mental health concerns you may have using traditional and emerging medications, psychotherapies and interventional modalities. In Lifewave psychiatry, it's just you and me.

In this professional relationship, we will share the decision to tackle your illness that fits your specific circumstance. This can take the form of fitting your appointments in your specific schedule, choosing a treatment modality that aligns your personal belief system, addressing your family dynamics and much more. Our shared decision making will empower you to sustain your progress and to rise to the challenges of mental illness.

Therapy Session

Your Trusted Doctor

Lifewave Psychiatry specializes in diagnosing and carefully treating various cases while making sure each patient is fully informed throughout the process. Serving the San Francisco area, Lifewave Psychiatry is known for delivering outstanding results while helping you minimize your personal investment and creating a suitable treatment plan for your needs.

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